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From the moment I engaged Spillrite Vacuums to make a gutter cleaning vacuum for my plumbing business, Rob and the team were professional and helpful the whole way through the process. The gutter vacuum machine has performed above expectations and is a valuable asset to my company. I would recommend Spillrite to anyone. 


Tim Hammel

Hammel's Plumbing & Gas (Toowoomba- 2017)





Machine going extremely well. Does exactly what Spillrite told me it would do. Rob and his team at Spillrite have always been easily contactable and helpful.

Tony Dwyer
Narooma Gutter Cleaning




Spillrite/Vacteck produce Australia's most effective and sought after roof insulation vacuum system with a 4 stage filtration including HEPA. We have been building these units for 6 years now and they have been in the field and making money for the operators on a weekly basis.

Spillrite Vacuums have designed this system for the effective removal of dust and roof insulation. It is an industrial grade vacuum unit with 4 stages of filtration and massive power. The unit is comprised of the Power Pack, the Capture Tank, the Shaker Dust Cabinet and the Hepa Exhaust. 


This vacuum system has been designed so that it can be optioned with interchangeable tanks and can be used for wet work and a variety

of dry tasks. The core of the system is the Power Pack which separates from the capture tanks.


• Super long hose lengths - 40-80 metres

• 100mm suction hose

• Industrial strength suction

• 20 HP Honda petrol motor

• Positive displacement blower vacuum

• Capture sack inside steel tank for efficient and clean recovery



The dust sacks are the first stage of filtration and can hold approx 2.5 cubic metres of loose fill insulation.


The Dust Shaker cabinet is a re-infporced steel cabinet that has a shaker filtration unit which proitects the blower and allows long uninterupted vacuuming of roof insulation. 


As the power of the unit is immense we fit a vacuum relief valve to prevent and damage to system in the event of a blockage.

The latest Vac N Sack system is powered by the 580 series power unit. This unit when recovering spills and gravel uses a 65mm hose. When recovering insulation a 100 mm suction hose is used.




Model: Vac n Sack 20/580

Price: $27,900.00 + gst + freight

add $1900 for dust cyclone attachment


• 800 kg steel powder coated capture tank

• 20 HP Petrol Engine.

• 580 PD/CFM Blower @ max 14 Hg

• 22 litre petrol tank.

• Silencer @ >80 dBa

• vacuum relief valve > 13 Hg

• electric start

• Dust Shaker cabinet 99% @ .3 micron

• 12 volt battery

• Hepa exhaust 95-99% @ . 3 micron

• 20 x 800 series sacks

• 40 metres of 100 mm suction hose



The core of any successful vacuum unit is always the filtration. If the filtration has not been thought out or is second rate then the vacuum will not perform. Spillrite Vacuums in conjunction with the world leaders in industrial filtration, Donaldson Torit, have developed this system to perform in the harshest of environments. With a massive 580 cfm of vacuum airflow capacity and internal HEPA grade filtration sleeves, the dust shaker cabinet will keep the system breathing and capable of heavy vacuuming all day long. The operator simply points the huge suction hose at the waste and the 20/580 handles the rest.
• Blower block - 12 months
• Honda motor - 12 months
• Tank welds - 12 months




The basis of the shaker unit is the Donaldson Torit shaker cabinet. Because we use such high cabinet crushing vacuum power we needed to modify and re-build the Donaldson cabinet as it couldn't handle the power of the Vac N Sack system. So Spillrite?Vacteck designed a new cabinet that handles the immense power.


Vac N Sack Options:


• Tandem axle flat bed

trailer with electric brakes,

custom built to suit system.

No canopy. Twin Sunrasia

rims and tyres. $5900 + gst

• Installation of system on

to trailer by Spillrite

$1200.00 + gst

• Hose Reel $2900 + gst

Replacement parts:

• sacks $13 each

• Hepa cartridge $785

(5-7 month lifespan)

• Dust shaker filter assembly

$1900 (6- 9 months)