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From the moment I engaged Spillrite Vacuums to make a gutter cleaning vacuum for my plumbing business, Rob and the team were professional and helpful the whole way through the process. The gutter vacuum machine has performed above expectations and is a valuable asset to my company. I would recommend Spillrite to anyone. 


Tim Hammel

Hammel's Plumbing & Gas (Toowoomba- 2017)





Machine going extremely well. Does exactly what Spillrite told me it would do. Rob and his team at Spillrite have always been easily contactable and helpful.

Tony Dwyer
Narooma Gutter Cleaning



Gutter vacuum - GSS580-650 - Single Operator Vac system


$21,600 +

The latest model of the popular 580 GSS gutter vacuum system is the single operator 580-650 litre unit. Energised by the over powered 580 power unit this system packs a serious punch that competitors cannot match. With an abundance of excess power, the 580-650 Single Operator raises the bench mark for gutter vacuum systems.

With the 60 metre hose reel mounted on the draw bar, ther is no excess space in the 8x5 trailer for extra waste tools and other components for your services business.

There is no system in the market that can do this other than the Spillrite 580-600 GSS. Electric vacuums or side channel blowers just don't cut it whatever their sales people try to tell you. The suction punch of the 580 means there is no gutters that aren't going to be crystal clean once this beast of a machine is unleashed. If you want serious industrial power to clean gutters when you land that big contract, then the 580-650 GSS is the machine to do it.





  • High powered gutter vacuuming system
  • Runs 50 and 65 mm suction hoses
  • Capable of extending to 100 metres
  • Massive power even on 1/3 revs of Honda
  • Vanguard 22HP or Honda 20HP motor*
  • Maintenance free running with Roots blower
  • Large waste trap for waste
  • Tank sizes can be modified
  • Wireless remote option for motor control
  • HEPA filter option if required
  • 86 octane fuel 
  • Easy finance available

New 2018 power module now available.


The heart of the 580 Gutter Super Sucker is the Roots style vacuum pump. This is an industrial vacuum pump that is used widely in industry to produce high vacuum with low maintenance requirements. The pumps are designed to run 24 hours continuously so for the applications we have outlined, the pump will run with virtually no maintenance required for years on end apart from oil changes and the occasional greasing.

The 580-650 power unit comes with a separate filtration assembly. When coupled with the 600 dual operator tank there are 3 stages of filtration in total which protects the blower and allows longer use.


Units come standard with a Vanguard 22 HP petrol motor. If you prefer a Honda motor they are available for an extra $630 upgrade fee. This needs to be included in invoice.

 genuine-Honda-motor We use either Vanguard or Honda petrol motors to run the blowers.  As the blowers are high powered it means we can run them at lower revs to get high vacuum. This enables good fuel economy and means none of the parts are stressed which adds to the longevity of the unit.
cyclone-drum-bag-option  One of the options with the GSS580 is a drum and bagging system with cyclone. This is an addition to the steel capture tank and is useful for dusts and light dry waste. The cyclone prevents filter clogging and loading for all dry and dusty waste and is a recommended add-on if you are located in dry environments.
 400-litre-wet-dry-tank Each unit comes with a steel capture tank. The budget unit comes with a 200 litre steel tank with integrated filter. The standard model comes with a 400 litre tank with a separate filter chamber. The Dual Operator and Single operator units come with a 600/650 litre steel powder coated vac tanks.