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From the moment I engaged Spillrite Vacuums to make a gutter cleaning vacuum for my plumbing business, Rob and the team were professional and helpful the whole way through the process. The gutter vacuum machine has performed above expectations and is a valuable asset to my company. I would recommend Spillrite to anyone. 


Tim Hammel

Hammel's Plumbing & Gas (Toowoomba- 2017)





Machine going extremely well. Does exactly what Spillrite told me it would do. Rob and his team at Spillrite have always been easily contactable and helpful.

Tony Dwyer
Narooma Gutter Cleaning



Commercial gutter vacuum

The Spillrite commercial gutter vacuum GSS580 has been built from the ground up with one purpose in mind. To create the most powerful gutter vacuum system in Australia that has the ability to easily jump to dozens of different applications allowing the owner operator to make an income from multiple streams.
Let's have a look under the hood.......... 



The GSS580 commercial gutter vacuum is made up with 3 main components.

The 2017 S2 power unit is the backbone of the commercial gutter vacuum.


This commercial gutter vacuum power unit is built from the ground up by engineers and is tested to a high level before we hand over to the customer.

The power plant of the whole system is a Positive Displacement Blower. This kind of industrial pump is used in factories all over the world and also in most of the large vacuum trucks that do what is known as non-destructive digging. They use a pd blower because they are immensely powerful and very reliable. Generally a pd blower in a factory will run 24 hours a day 7 days a week without stopping. The first oil change for the 580 pd blower is 100 hours and the second is 4000 hours. They are strong and destruction proof. The prefect combination for a small business owner that wants a vacuum system that is reliable, low maintenance and cheap to run.

Gutter vacuum tank.

Our commercial gutter vacuum tank is made from mild steel and has a filter incorporated into it. The gutter vacuum tank has a 650 kg capacity which means you can operate all day without emptying the tank. gutter-vacuum-650-tank


The last main component is the hose reel and suction hose. 



The image above shows the powder coated steel hose reel. It has a 60 metre capacity for 64 mm heavy duty suction hose. We use Tiger Flex which is heavy but lasts longer than many of the other 2.5" suction hoses in the market.

The last thiong to consider when purchasing a commercial gutter vacuum is where to mount it. In a trailer as in the image above or on the back of a ute. This is purely a personal choice. Many of our clients have decided to go with the tandem axle trailer option as it means the commercial gutter vacuum can be unhooked from the vehicle and left on site while the Boss heads off to do quotes or attend to other business.