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From the moment I engaged Spillrite Vacuums to make a gutter cleaning vacuum for my plumbing business, Rob and the team were professional and helpful the whole way through the process. The gutter vacuum machine has performed above expectations and is a valuable asset to my company. I would recommend Spillrite to anyone. 


Tim Hammel

Hammel's Plumbing & Gas (Toowoomba- 2017)





Machine going extremely well. Does exactly what Spillrite told me it would do. Rob and his team at Spillrite have always been easily contactable and helpful.

Tony Dwyer
Narooma Gutter Cleaning













Gutter Vacuum jobs.

The Spillrite gutter vacuum system can be used for dozens of different applications. Here are some of those applications and potential income earning jobs.


For households and general domestic work following are some of the applications;


• Vacuum out, built up sludge from rainwater tanks.

• Vacuum leaves from gutters and drains.

• Hydro excavate water pipes, gas piping, telecom lines, tree roots.

• Vacuum out & remove old roof insulation.

• Remove graffiti from outside fences.

• Water blast & clean roofs.

• Vacuum residue mud from previously flooded homes.

• Vacuum slurry from post holes, foundation plumbing trenches.

• General household clean up for “Prior to Sale/Auction” sales.


For Emergency services, Shire & City Councils, Government Departments, Department of Defence. Electricity, Telephone, Gas & Water providers. Following are some of the applications.


• Flood recovery situations, Water Blast & Vac.

• Fire Damage, water blast & vac (also insurance work)

• Spill control (vehicle crash scenes, public transport crash sites, over turned trucks)

• Marine spills.

• Hydro digging (underground damaged electrical, water, gas & telecom lines.)

• SES situations, storm damage, flood damage.

• Tree digging (planting & extraction)

• Utility box cleaning

• Tank & Sump vacuum

• Post hole & signage hole digging

• Earth moving equipment wash down

• Retaining wall construction


For Industry in general, some of the products that can be vacuumed up as well as various applications.


• Cool room clean out

• Cement batching sites, (Boral Australia have 400 sites across Australia)

• Brickwork manufacturing plants, vacuuming out kilns

• Material Spills:- powders, liquids, granulated product, flour, seed & grains, Superphosphate, Fly Ash, all minerals, Abrasive blasting materials, concrete slurry, Paint, Oil & liquid spills, Wood chip & saw dust, sump cleanout

• Power Stations.

• Ship & Boat building locations

• Mine sites including conveyer belt spill clean up

• Rail & transport terminals

• Grain silos

• Steel & Aluminium manufacturing plants

• Flour & Feed Mills

• Wood working shops (sawdust clean up)

• Engineering shops (metal chip clean up & coolant removal)

• Powder Coating shops

• Earthmoving contractors


For commercial buildings, fast food chains, exterior office buildings, shopping centres, scout halls, bowling clubs, boat sheds, sporting clubs, marina’s, car parking areas, warehouse showrooms & public transport terminals, following are some applications;


• Gutter Clean

• Water Wash exterior of building including glass

• Driveway/pathway water rotawash cleaning

• Cool room cleaning

• Roof wash down

• Window wash down

• Remove mud/sludge from rainwater tanks

• Vacuum out Air conditioner ducting

• Wash down of boat ramps, piers.

• Boat bilge clean out, vacuum recovery

• Trash clean up

• Vacant building wash out vacuum clean

• Graffiti removal

• Water blast boat hulls

• Bus stop station cleaning

• Oil stain removal within car parking stations/areas

• Wash, vacuum & clean kitchen areas


For the Trade Contractors & Construction Industry in general. Some of the applications are;


• For plumbers:- Broken & damaged underground pipes. 

• For electricians:- Broken & damaged underground conduits.

  Vacuum Digging (no water)

• Concrete cutting vacuum up residue dust.

• Water filled building trenches, vacuum out.

• Post hole, fence hole & sign post digging

• Sump cleaning & vacuum

• Underground water tank cleaning

• Swimming pool contractors, site vacuum applications

• Site Clean-up

• Vacuum trenching for Telco

• Flooded sites, vacuum removal

• Tree removal

• Stress relief on backfilled retaining walls.

• Drainage trench digging

• Storm water pipe trench digging

• Gutter cleaning

• Blocked pipe vacuum

• Food processing factory’s

• Fish farms

• Theme Parks & Zoos

• Shipping Terminals

• Sand Blasting yards

• Glass recycling plants

• Abattoirs

• Poultry farms

• Concrete cleaning

• Wineries (seed & pulp removal)